New album/mini-tour/America

New album/mini-tour/America

It's been quite a while since I sat down and wrote - I've been meaning to get round to it for some time, in the same way as I've been meaning to get round to picking up the mandolin I bought three years ago :)

All is well in Roley Land - practices with a band for the new album are going really well; lots of new songs, a few re-jiggled songs, a bit more upbeat...



Recording and New York Gig

Firstly I'd like to inform you that this is Day 4 without coffee. I'm so proud of myself. Totally addicted to that beautiful, evil, amazing dark stuff. Wonder how long I'll last.

Well, the live recording went very well - I didnt enjoy a single minute of it cos I was so stressed and was worrying that it was all going to go wrong...


Sunshine & America gigs

Solfest & WeFund too

And what a glorious day it's been! Let's be having more of the same, Mr Sunshine! I spent my day, eating, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and basking in the sun, and then finished it all off nicely with a little gig in town. Wish every day could be so lazy.

Well I'm goin to start off by saying that the rehearsals for the live recording on the 17th are going really well - the harmonies are harmony-tastic! I have a really good feeling about this CD and really hope it all comes together, not long to go now...

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