Sunshine & America gigs

Solfest & WeFund too

And what a glorious day it's been! Let's be having more of the same, Mr Sunshine! I spent my day, eating, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and basking in the sun, and then finished it all off nicely with a little gig in town. Wish every day could be so lazy.

Well I'm goin to start off by saying that the rehearsals for the live recording on the 17th are going really well - the harmonies are harmony-tastic! I have a really good feeling about this CD and really hope it all comes together, not long to go now. I wish I could take the little Backing Squirrels everywhere with me but alas we all have full time jobs - maybe I'll just kidnap them all and we'll runaway to a far off place...

Speaking of far-off places, I've managed to get myself a gig in New York! It's at The Rockford Music Hall, and it looks like a really nice venue. Can't believe I'll be playing in the Big Apple.

I've booked 2 gigs in Nashville too, and a third venue said they'll look into gettin me a good slot nearer the time. One of the places, The Bluebird Cafe, is apparently one of the best places to play in Nashville, and Garth Brooks was reportedly discovered there. And the promoter said it gets rammed in there on a Sunday night (which is when I'll be playing). I don't know whether to be excited or to hide in a corner and cry! I saw a video advertising the city and it looks amazing - so clean and sunny, with so much to see and do. It can't come soon enough.

While I'm over there I'm hoping to do some recording with Don Mclean's guitarist. It'll be a professional recording and it's gunna cost in the region of $4,000, which I believe is approx £2,500. I'm currently setting up an account for a fairly new thing called WeFund.co.uk - it works by 'backers' or 'fans', donating money to the artist so they can raise enough money to do their project, and in return the artist lavishes them with gifts, eg recordings, merch, free entry to gigs etc.

I'm hoping to have this up and running this week (I finally managed to get what I hope is a decent camcorder to record the campaign video with- thanks Aunty Lynda!) so watch this space, and if you'd be interested in helping out I'll be forever grateful. I'll be posting the link up sooooon.

And after much fussing around and paying stupid amounts of money to change flights, I nabbed myself a slot at the brilliant Solfest in Cumbria. Ecstatic! I'll be playiong the day before we leave for New York. Don't do things by halves do I?!! I have horrible visions of being stranded in Cumbria and not making it back in time for the flights! (think happy thoughts! Think happy thoughts!).

Okay, it's waaay past my bedtime

Goodnight you crazy cats

Lel x

Comments (3)

  • Mike Gormley

    Mike Gormley

    21 September 2012 at 10:08 |
    I heard you are doing the auditions for the Voice programme....... About time too! Be great when you move them to stunned silence like you did to us in Birmingham. I still follow you and i'm on my second set of your cds as the first set wore out!. Best of luck and give WillIAm a hug from Lorna x
  • Paul Anthony Ennis

    Paul Anthony Ennis

    21 January 2012 at 21:18 |
    I have seen Lesley Roley at numerous gigs over recent years. Her beautiful hand crafted songs and uniquely soothing voice instantly draw you to her. Every gig quickly becomes memorable, both from an artistic and personal point of view. Lesley has immense talent and deserves all the current and future success that life brings her.

    If you are new to Lesley’s music you are in for a real treat, just like coming home to a warm cosy fire after a cold winters day!
  • Mike Gormley

    Mike Gormley

    21 January 2012 at 20:57 |
    Lorna and I love your music and first saw you perform in Birmingham, supposedly as support for Don MacLean, but in truth came away from the concert that night believing he was your support, which as a lifelong MacLean fan, means I truly think you are an amazing talent and believe very soon you will be as famous as your song writing and gorgeous voice deserve!

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