Recording and New York Gig

Firstly I'd like to inform you that this is Day 4 without coffee. I'm so proud of myself. Totally addicted to that beautiful, evil, amazing dark stuff. Wonder how long I'll last.

Well, the live recording went very well - I didnt enjoy a single minute of it cos I was so stressed and was worrying that it was all going to go wrong.

We had 4 backing squirrels, bass player and mandolin and the sound on stage was muffled and loud, but we got through it (a couple of Disaronno and cokes during the interval worked a treat), and by the last two songs I actually started to enjoy it. The lovely Richard recorded it for us, and he's been away on holiday since then, so as soon as he gets back we'll get it all nice and ready and packaged - hoping to have a launch night in the next two months, so not too much more stress before then (pretty please!!!).

Since I last wrote I've aquired myself a second gig in New York (wooooop!) and another in Nashville, with a coupla more venues saying to contact them nearer the time. Can't wait. My better half got me an A3 aerial photo of Nashville in a frame - we've hung it up in the bedroom so that when I wake up in the morning it's the first thing I see.

I'm starting to get a bit worried now tho, as I think I've made the fatal mistake of pinning all my hopes on something happening for me in America. I'm not so stupid to think that I'll go over, play some songs and that'll be it, but I'm worried that nothing's going to happen ever, and that this is going to be one of my biggest opportunities to make something of myself or get noticed. I don't know what I'll do if I come back home without even a hint of something. I know it's bad to think that way! It's just I've been trying so hard for so long and I'm sleepy now.

Ok let's not dwell on it, Roley! So, while I'm in Nashville I'll hopefully be recording a CD - I'm tyring to raise funds through an organisation called WEfund. It works by 'fans' or 'backers' pledging money to you (I'm tyring to raise £2,000) and in return they recieve merchandise, CDs, gig tickets etc. We've raised £345 this week so I'm still a long way off! If you can help in anyway, please visit this link - http://www.wefund.co.uk/project/lesley-roley .

Even if you can't help financially, please pass on the link to anyone who'll listen!

I've got some cool little gigs coming up in the next few months, including a support for a New York dude called Jim Bianco which I'm really looking forward to, a couple of charity gigs, The Americana Festival and Solfest, and I'm singing at 2 weddings and 1 wedding anniversary! Woohoo! I'm off to eat pizza and garlic bread at the lovely Santana's now, yum!

Lel x

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  • Neil Copeman

    Neil Copeman

    14 January 2012 at 02:53 |
    Love the Nashville recordings Lesley, can't wait until the tracks are for sale... Count me in for 2 please!

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