New album/mini-tour/America

New album/mini-tour/America

It's been quite a while since I sat down and wrote - I've been meaning to get round to it for some time, in the same way as I've been meaning to get round to picking up the mandolin I bought three years ago :)

   All is well in Roley Land - practices with a band for the new album are going really well; lots of new songs, a few re-jiggled songs, a bit more upbeat....I just can't wait to get in the studio and start recording! In April I'll be embarking on another mini-tour around the UK, playing gigs in people's living rooms and various venues around the country. I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people, and seeing some familiar faces too.

  In the summer I'm heading back over to the States - we'll be renting a car and driving from the West Coast to the East - so I figured I should try and at least get a couple of gigs booked while I'm over there! I'll be playing The Rockwood Music Hall in New York (reviews for this place are excellent, and it looks really intimate and lovely) and I'll also be playing at the Bazzaar cafe in San Francisco. I was booked to play The Rockwood 2 summers ago before we went to Nashville, but my flight got cancelled because there was a hurricane and I had to cancel the two NY gigs I had lined up. Hopefully there'll be no disastors this time! Can't wait to play to some completely new audiences and hopefully spread The Word of Roley that little bit further :)

Today I received a very random email from an American based webzine who have apparently heard my music and want to feature me in a review - I won't say no to that! 

So that's about it for the time being - I'm hoping that the next time I write on here there'll have been equally exciting things happening (winning the Lottery/touring with Leonard Cohen/winning a Brit award).

I'll be posting snippets of the tracks for the album as and when they're ready - hope to see some of you lovely people in person soon!



Lel  Xx

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